About Sumitomo

Perhaps, many people associate SUMITOMO name with industrial products such as auto tires, sporting gears, cranes, hydraulic excavators, etc.

SUMITOMO started its history in Kyoto, Japan about 400 years ago as a bookstore and pharmacy. Today, Sumitomo group has grown into one of the major business groups. SUMITOMO runs business in most sectors of the global economy such as chemical, machinery, metals, cement & glass, real estate, electronics, insurance and finance.

Sumitomo group consists of 17 core companies, and SUMITOMO REALTY & DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD., the company in question, is one of them.

Although each of the group companies is independent business entity, they all share the same roots and business philosophy and form an alliance called “Sumitomo Group”. The group companies cooperate among them to maintain and enhance the established image of the SUMITOMO name brand throughout the world.

Doing business in harmony with society (i.e., not engaging in immoral business) has always been one of the group’s important precepts.
To materialize this, “Sumitomo Group Public Affairs Committee” is currently working with the group companies to make sure that each of them and their employees follow their internal compliance standards.

SUMITOMO REALTY & DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD., does not seem to comply with these standards.
(Please click (1)SUMITOMO’s Unfair and Unjust Practices for more in detail.)