About us

Our organization, SENGAKUJI VICINITY HUMANRIGHTS ACTION NETWORK, is a voluntary group consisting of not only the property owners of the area where SUMITOMO is trying to redevelop, but also community members in the vicinity.

Our mission is to monitor the urban redevelopment project proposed by SUMITOMO, and to make sure that every procedure that they take would be carried out in a fair and transparent manner, so that the rights of the entire community members would be secured.

Most of our members are local residents, who have little expertise and experience in urban redevelopment project. However, we could easily realize that SUMITOMO REALTY & DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD., was trying to carry out their redevelopment project in an unfair and unjust manner against property owners.

Under such circumstances, we strongly feel that our rights might be jeopardized by SUMITOMO unless we stand up and speak out for the fairness of the deal.
For these reasons, we decided to activate our community network to enlighten the community members and to launch our website. With this website, we will publicize the “facts” about how SUMITOMO is inducing the property owners to accept its redevelopment project in a dishonest way.